Facebook Stories - Oscar Williams

Right before the birth of our daughter, I was able to help produce, shoot, and edit a short 2 min story for Facebook. I was contracted by Delve Media, with the senior producer from Facebook. 

This was a fun and challenging video. The fun part was meeting this family...and of course, the cotton candy. The challenge was telling their story in 2 minuets. I learned so much from the project, and I really enjoyed working with the lead producers at Facebook and Delve Media.


ModPALEO Process

I had the honor of shooting the process ModPALEO uses to create their amazing meals. It was a really fun week, full of new experiences with new friends. Check out what they do: www.ModPaleo.com

Below are some additional videos for ModPALEO's blog

Blog Teaser 

Food Connection

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Grass Fed Beef


Iron Butterfly Pilates


Here's Iron Butterly Pilates' promo video that my wife and I produced in Charlotte, NC. We had zero experience with pilates, but once the shoot was over, we became big fans =)

Below are additional stories from several IBP customers

Jamie's Story

Anne's Story

Will's Story

Carolyn's Story


Atlanta 525 Project

This was another fun project I was able to help edit. Priceless Misc. was tasked to produce a video that would launch the new 525 North office building. Once this is built, it'll be a great addition to Atlanta's growth. For more info about this project, go here.


Hayley Juliet Photography Promo